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设计 & Technical Production Emphasis

School of Arts 和 Sciences


The show can’t go on without design 和 technical 生产! Behind the scenes, experts in stage design, 照明, 声音, 和 生产 are needed for a performance to be a success. 选择设计和技术制作为重点的戏剧专业学生将学习戏剧设计, 服装设计, period 风格 of design, 和 the design of 照明 和 声音 for stage productions.

Students will be trained to 工作 in professional theatre. 然而, the knowledge of design principles, historical research, 照明 和 声音, 从戏剧设计和技术制作的重点中获得的艺术技能为多种职业选择奠定了宝贵的职业基础.

With a degree in 剧院: 设计 和 Technical Production, you will be provided with the skills necessary to 工作 in a variety of careers, 如:

  • Lighting technician
  • Stage technician
  • Community arts promotion
  • 艺术教育
  • 活动策划 & 生产
  • 风景的艺术家
  • 舞台监督

Where our Alumni Are Working

我们的 theatre graduates are 工作ing in the industry. Here are some additional highlights.

  • 迪斯尼乐园
  • Universal Studios
  • 迪斯尼世界
  • Utah Shakespeare Festival
  • Pfinix Creative Studios
  • GoButton Productions
  • Disney HD Channel
  • Segerstrom Center for the Performing Arts
  • 奈德秀
  • Theatricum Botanicum
  • Two Rivers 剧院
  • North Coast Repertory 剧院
  • New Village Arts
  • San Diego Fringe Festival
  • Hollywood Fringe Festival
  • 机会剧院
  • South Coast Repertory Theater
  • The Imagination Machine
  • Phoenix 剧院
  • Pagosa Springs Center for the Arts
  • Downey Civic 剧院
  • 网飞公司
  • CollegeHumor
  • Los Angeles Opera
  • Long Beach Opera
  • 歌剧太平洋
  • Culture Project (NY)
  • KCRA / KQCA电视
  • Briggs Opera House
  • Missoula Children’s 剧院
  • 神的出现的电影

Opportunities for 剧院主要s

戏剧系希望为我们的学生提供大量的机会来获得表演艺术方面的经验. 我们的大学, 剧院 Department, 与我们周围社区的关系为你提供了在课堂外练习表演艺术的机会.

Academic Opportunities

作为一个戏剧专业的学生,你可以将你的学位与相关的辅修或双学位结合起来. Exp和 your worldview by studying abroad, or transition to graduate school.

Graduate Schools Attended

  • Cal State San Bernardino
  • Cal State Fullerton - Department of Cinema & Television Arts
  • Dodge College of Film 和 Media Arts at Chapman University
  • National University of Irel和 Galway
  • Northern Illinois University School of 剧院 & 跳舞
  • NYU - Tisch School of the Arts
  • NYU - Steinhardt School for Education in the Arts
  • Regent University
  • Sarah Lawrence College MFA 剧院 Program
  • Southern Utah University - Utah Shakespeare Festival
  • University of North Carolina School of the Arts
  • University of North Carolina School of the Arts (Film Production)

Extracurricular Activities

剧院 offers many opportunities for you to become involved with on-campus events, 俱乐部, 和 organizations. 我们的学生还经常与其他大学的表演艺术学生参加全国比赛(并取得优异成绩).


剧院 majors can apply to do a senior project. 康科迪亚与南加州的许多组织有着良好的工作关系. Below are just a few examples of where our students have interned.

  • The Chance 剧院
  • Actors 剧院 of Louisville
  • La Jolla Playhouse
  • Disney Corporation
  • Utah Shakespeare Festival




Past Productions

The Foolish Proposal actors preparing for a performance

The Foolish Proposal


The Fantasticks opening scene of a sheet with silhouette shadows through a sheet

The Fantasticks


Two actors performing a scene on stage

A Year with Frog 和 Toad


Meet your Professors

戏剧系的教授积极参与指导学生和培养个人 artistic growth. 我们的 curriculum is developed 和 delivered by Faculty 谁 integrate classroom techniques with h和s-on experience.

Lori Siekman

Lori Siekman


Professor Siekmann is the 2015 recipient of the 肯尼迪 Center/American College 剧院 Festival's Gold Medallion of Excellence - - - highest award the 肯尼迪 Center gives to educators. Three of her productions have been invited to appear at the regional festival of KC/ACTF.



剧院 Professor

作为KC/ACTF杰出教育奖的获得者,Vezner教授参与了合作 与教授. Lee from English to lead the 2016 Around-the-World Semester® which took a team of students to 10 countries over 20 weeks - studying 和 serving in each country. His previous 工作 includes 14 years as a professional stage 导演 in Chicago.

Andrew Sierszyn

Andrew Sierszyn

剧院 Professor

sierzyn教授为他在康科迪亚的工作带来了丰富的经验和教育. 安德鲁曾在伊利诺斯州日落剧场担任制作技术总监 莎士比亚节和伊利诺斯州立大学,同时也是一名多产的设计师 Wisconsin Lutheran College 和 Illinois State University. Additionally, his 工作 as a scenic designer 和 charge artist includes professional summer stock at the Monomoy 剧院 in Chatham, Massachusetts.


One of our greatest assets at Concordia University Irvine is our dedicated Faculty. In a small learning environment, our professors care about you—not just your 表现优异,他们与他们所教的学生建立终身的师徒关系.

剧院 Faculty说话 给教授


For more information about the 剧院 major at Concordia University Irvine, we invite you to contact us 直接.

Professor 托尼Vezner
剧院 Department
(949) 214-3425
[email protected]

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